Coworking FAQ

Want to know more about coworking? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page

What is coworking?

  • A good analogy for a coworking membership is a gym membership. In both instances you can do the action (working or exercising) without the membership, but having the membership motivates you to be more active in achieving your goals (getting more work done or getting healthy). Coworking is an alternative to traditional office space. Our coworking rooms have an open office format where you chose your desk for the day. We provide high speed wifi, printing, snacks, and coffee so that you can work in a productive environment.

Where are you located?

What are the building hours? When are you open?

  • Mon-Thurs 8:30am – 6pm
  • Fri 8:30am – 4pm
  • Sat-Sun Closed
  • Premium members have 24/7 access to the building.

Where do I park?

  • Our premium monthly members get parking passes for the Bell Street parking garage. For everyone else, we have this handy guide on our website.

What should I bring to cowork?

  • Bring all of your mobile office needs, we provide the WiFi, desk, and printing capabilities.

Do you have a spare charging cords/mouse/cell phone charger?

  • In general, we don’t keep spare electronics on hand. You may be able to borrow one from the front desk, but it is not guaranteed.

How do you bill for coworking?

  • Our memberships are on a month to month subscription and bill on the first. We use a prorated system so if you sign up halfway through the month you will only be billed half. We ask that new members sign on for a minimum of three months. If you need to cancel you must let us know a month in advance.
  • ShareDesk is our billing platform

What does a coworking membership at Stamford Innovation Center entitle me to?

Do you offer discounts for multiple members of the same company?

  • We do have a Team Membership option which covers up to three team members. Any and all other discounts or package deals are at the discretion of the SIC and must be discussed before implementation.

Does my membership come with any perks?

Are there any rules?

  • Everything you need to know about coworking etiquette, you learned in Kindergarten. Mutual respect and personal responsibility are the main tenets of coworking. Respect the limits of your membership choice, be polite and courteous, clean up after yourself, share the space, and enjoy yourself.

Are your events for your members only?

  • Events listed on our website calendar are open to the public. Members-only events are private and require an invitation.

Can I rent space if I’m not a member?

Can I have guests?

  • One of the benefits of coworking is a more casual and friendly atmosphere, but in this case, you should think of the SIC as your office: anyone who doesn’t belong in your office during the work day will probably be out of place here.
  • If you need to chat with a client, or want to give your friend a tour, by all means do! Just please sign in at the front desk first.
  • If you want to have someone from your team come and work with you on a regular basis, they will need a membership.
  • If you’re planning a meeting, please reserve a room, or you can convene in the atrium for a short chat to avoid disturbing your fellow coworkers.

If I have a key card, can I have a meeting outside of the Stamford Innovation Center’s business hours?

  • The key card entitles you to access after hours and on weekends, and no one else. An SIC employee must be on duty during any event or meeting. This is a liability issue. If a member is found to be using his/her key card to let other people into the building outside of business hours, the key card will be revoked.

How do I schedule a tour or a trial day of coworking?

  • Tours are between 9am and 5pm, and should be scheduled in advance. A free day can be used anytime during regular business hours. Our Community Manager Kris Frey handles all tours and coworking trials. To schedule, contact him at kfrey (at)

Can I schedule a meeting for my free day of coworking?

  • We do not have trial uses of the meeting rooms. A free coworking trial entitles you to one day of coworking during regular business hours.

Do you have day passes?

  • A coworking day pass is $20 and entitles you to one day of coworking during regular business hours. It does not include the use of meeting rooms or guests. If you decide to upgrade to a membership after trying out a day with us, the cost of your day pass will be applied to your membership for your first month. 

How many conference room hours do I get with my membership and what rooms can I use?

  • Check the benefits page for membership hours. “Hours” refer to meetings of 10 people or less during SIC business hours (9AM – 6PM weekdays). They can be applied to any of our conference room spaces: the Courtroom, Rippowam Room, or Davenport Room.

How do I reserve a meeting room?

  • You can reserve a meeting room by emailing one of the members of our team, stopping by the front desk, or using ShareDesk’s reservation system. Confirmation of your reservation will be emailed to you. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis.

Can I set up and work in an empty meeting room?

  • As long as you understand you might be asked to move, reservations take priority over other uses. If no one else is using the room, and there are no reservations scheduled, then you are free to use it as a coworking space. Always check with SIC staff before setting up in a room.

What do I do if I’m using a meeting room for coworking and an event comes in to start setup?

  • If that event has a reservation on the calendar, please move your workspace to a different location when setup begins. Reservations take priority over unscheduled uses in meeting rooms.

If an event comes to the SIC for a rental, can I attend it?

  • If you have been personally invited, purchased a ticket, or RSVP’d to a private event being held in our building, then yes. Only SIC-sponsored events are 100% open to the public; you can find upcoming events here on our website.

Can I use the SIC for my business address?

  • Our premium monthly membership includes the use of our mailing address as one of many perks. See your membership benefits here.

I am not a premium member, but I would like to receive mail here. What should I do?

  • Premium members may use the SIC as a business address. All mail addressed to non-premium members will be returned to sender.

How do I pick up my mail?

  • Premium members may receive mail at our address. All mail will be held at the front desk, and the assistant on duty will produce it upon request. Packages are usually delivered directly to their recipient. Please check in with the front desk regularly to pick up mail, it is your responsibility to come claim it.

Do I get a Stamford Innovation Center email address?

  • We know it’s such a cool name, but we’re sorry to say SIC email addresses are given to SIC staff only.

What are Advisory Meetings?

  • Advisory meetings are free 20-minute meetings with members of our mentor network in order to provide guidance to emerging companies. You can find out more info about them here. In order to get the most out of your meeting, please come prepared. 

What does it mean that my business will be promoted at the SIC?

  • We list our premium membership coworking companies on our website and we do whatever we can, within reason, to help get the word out about your amazing company.

How do I get my logo on the website?

  • Premium coworking members can have their logo, short descriptor and a link on our website.  Provide your logo, company name, and a brief summary to team(at)

How much storage is available?

  • Premium monthly members can use one of our lockers. Just bring in a lock and set up with your belongings. We do not have further storage available and this is unlikely to change.

Are the snacks and coffee available?

  • Yes. Coffee, tea, and snacks are available for our members to consume. Please be courteous of your fellow coworkers and keep the space clean.

Can I put my lunch in the fridge?

  • Yes. In order to keep track of it, marking your food is recommended. The fridge is cleaned out every Friday.

Why do I see food sitting out on that table next to the coffee bar?

  • Glad you asked! That is the sharing table. If we have food leftover after an event, or if someone has brought in some delicious goodies and wants to share, they end up on that table. Feel free to contribute something! If it’s on the sharing table OR has an SIC sticker, then it is up for grabs. Anything else that’s stored in the fridge is private, please respect your coworker’s meals.

Can I refill the water cooler bottles? Am I allowed to add paper to the printer?

  • Yes, we like to empower our coworkers to take pride in their environment and assist with keeping our space moving. If you don’t know where a refill is, then you can ask someone at the front desk.

Are all events free with my membership?

  • Unfortunately, no. Innovation Roundtable, Startup CEO Roundtable, Pardon My Disruption, and a few others are free to our members. We also host events that are only open to our members, such as the SIC Community Luncheons. For most other events, we offer discounts off the regular price.

What kinds of networking opportunities do I get with my membership?

  • Innovation Roundtable is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to our community and network with great individuals. We also have monthly events to foster community with our members and private office tenants, such as SIC Community lunches. 

I lost my parking pass and/or key card. What do I do?

  • Please let us know right away if you lose your key card: we need to deactivate it ASAP to keep the building secure. A replacement card is $50 and might take up to a week to arrive. The parking passes are trickier since the city only gives us a limited number. If you lose your pass we may not be able to replace it at all, but if we have enough extra to replace it, the cost is $100.

How fast is your internet speed?

  • Our wifi is very fast and we have access points all over the building.  

Do you have a fax machine or landline phone?

  • Nope. We do not have any phone lines in the building.

Is there a spot for me to connect to the internet via ethernet?

  • Our ethernet ports are not accessible. However, we do have high speed wireless available in every corner of our building.

Can I take a phone call in any of the coworking rooms?

  • We discourage coworkers from taking phone calls in the coworking rooms because it’s disruptive to the working environment. You may use the atrium, and we have several “phone booths”- small repurposed closets where you can take your calls privately.

Can I have a quick meeting in a coworking room?

  • We ask that you reserve meetings for the atrium or designated meeting rooms.

Am I allowed to bring in my kids?

  • No. I understand that this is inconvenient, but many members of the SIC come here to get away from the distractions of home, and children are one of those distractions.

What’s your pet policy?

  • Service animals are welcome. As for the family dog: we know you love Fido, but please don’t bring him in. Many of our coworkers have allergies and we have to keep the environment friendly for everyone.

I love working here! Do I get a referral bonus for bringing in new members?

  • Yes, we have referral bonuses. For each new premium monthly membership, you will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

My company has gotten too big for my coworking membership. Does the SIC have private offices available?

  • We do have private offices! You can check with our team to find out if they’re available. We have an active “wait list” for parties interested in our popular private office spaces.

How do I cancel my membership?

  • Let us know 30 days in advance of your cancellation date. Membership will only be considered cancelled when notice, key card, and parking passes are returned. Failure to do so will result in replacement fees.

Do you ever void memberships?

  • We listen to our coworkers, and if someone is detracting from the community then we will respectfully try to resolve things. If that doesn’t work then we’ll have to part ways.

If I have additional questions who do I ask?

  • Our Community Manager, Kris Frey can answer any questions you might have. His email is kfrey (at)