Platform Vendors

Helping vendors like you get in front of smart startups

Your product needs to reach the right people to be a success.
We know those people.

We’re helping corporations make connections with the right startups. If you have a product offering that targets the startup market, then we can provide you with great access. Whether you want us to spread the word in our newsletter or you’d like to host an event, the Stamford Innovation Center has you covered.

You’re a great fit if…

  • You believe in channels and partners
  • You are prepared to work with early-stage companies and startups
  • Your product is designed with partners in mind
  • You’re looking to make lasting connections with partners
  • You need a place to host an event or spread the word.

Start by attending an upcoming event at the SIC.

We’re looking for companies that:

  • Allow access to business function or business content through libraries or APIs
  • Create products that can be sold at a profit by a 3rd party
  • Want to use app development to create greater demand for your products
  • Have intellectual property to leverage for reaching new customers
  • Create solutions that can be used to produce industry or job-specific software/hardware
  • Partner with others who create solutions that require your products

Sikorsky Innovations and Pitney Bowes are happy Stamford Innovation Center partners. If you would like to hear how we’ve helped these two companies meet their goals, and are looking for a partner to help you gain more adoption of your platform offerings, we’d love to talk.