What is Social Enterprise? Why should I care?


On Thursday, May 8th The Stamford Innovation Center is hosting an exciting event focused on Social Enterprise called “Social Enterprise: Doing Well + Doing Good.”

The event includes a great group of CT based speakers including our keynote speaker Michelle Cote, Director of Programs, The Social Enterprise Trust (reSET).

Click here to get your tickets and use discount code “SocialEnterprise10” to save 10%.

In advance of the discussion at the event, we wanted to explore what Social Enterprise REALLY is and dispel any myths associated with the term.

What is Social Enterprise?

A Social Enterprise is a for-profit company that has a mission that includes working toward the common good in it’s DNA. Social enterprises focus on producing higher social returns on investment than other business models. 

Social Enterprise = Profit + Doing Good

Even though Social Enterprises have a focus on doing good in the world, they are NOT non-profits.  In fact, social enterprises produce benefits while reducing the draw on public and philanthropic funds.

There isn’t just one type of social good that Social Enterprises work toward.  Many focus on…

  • Community & Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Heath
  • Environment

Social Enterprises vary widely in size, scope, and type.  They can be..

  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Food and Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Consulting and Research Services
  • And much much more

There are many well known Social Enterprises that we’ve all seen in action.  In fact, since the 1990s the number of Social Enterprise businesses in the US has grown by about 50x.  Examples that many of us know (and use) include…

  • Newman’s Own (A great CT brand!)
  • Warby Parker
  • Toms Shoes
  • The Fashion Project

So, come learn about social enterprise on Thursday 5/8.  Michelle and her panelists have companies and stories that will inspire you to take an entrepreneurial look at the world around you.

Click here to get your tickets and use discount code “SocialEnterprise10” to save 10%.

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