2012: What a year!

With just a few days to go in 2012, we’ve been thinking about the remarkable year we’ve all had.  This is not about the Stamford Innovation Center at all, it is about the people who have come to make the Innovation Center one of the places they view as home.  And that’s exactly what we want — we have no ambition to control, define or manage what will happen as we take each incremental step towards creating a true startup economy in Fairfield County.

In fact, there are dozens of incremental steps happening all of the time.  Each time you help a fellow startup person find a resource, that’s a step.  Each time you make a blog post, facebook post or a tweet — that’s a step too.  Each LinkedIn connection — that’s a step, you bet.

Someone once asked Al Franken his secret to successful parenting.  His answer:  “Quantity Time.”  Rather than planning out perfect moments, Al’s point (and we heartily concur) is that the best moments as a parent happen when you don’t plan them.  But you won’t get those great moments if you don’t work on having as many moments as possible.

And while we are doing our best to create quality programming through our own efforts and with partners, we know that some of the content will be less appealing to you than others.  When you are evaluating whether or not you should attend, please consider the opportunity for quantity time with others in the network — and click Yes on as many invitations as you possibly can.   Thanks, and we hope to see you often, next year.

Here’s a chart that shows the sort of quantity time investments that you made at the SIC in 2012.  More than 2400 attendees (with many repeats in there — and that’s a good thing!).

That is a phenomenal result and we can’t wait to crush that number in 2013.  Just take a look at our January calendar, and, yes, click Register, as often as you can.

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