We are so Smart in these Suburbs

Over the past few years, there have been questions about whether Stamford and the surrounding region can really create startups on a regular basis.  Speakers have questioned the technical skills locally.  Others have pointed out the relatively small number of successful tech startups in the region.

But for those of us who are actively engaged in trying to create a startup economy locally, we know that one of our greatest assets is our rich heritage of innovation — of creating new value from a seriously challenging situation.  It is core to who we are.  From Priceline to Bridgewater, Sikorsky, NBC Sports and Pitney Bowes, we are home to companies who understand their market opportunities and invest the resources required to meet those needs.   Those same skills, that same attitude is why I am 100 percent convinced that we are going to produce a wide range of startups in our region for years to come.

That’s why we are partnering with The Fairfield County Business Journal to create Smart in the Suburbs, an event that will focus on the outstanding business and technical skills who work in the companies of Fairfield County.  Our first annual event is next Friday, February 28 at 11:30am. (includes lunch)

Sikorsky is going to talk about the hurdles that were overcome to develop the latest generation of Helicopters
Pitney Bowes is going to talk about how Pitney Bowes is leveraging its heritage to become a significant player in the age of Twitter and Facebook.
John Lim of Life in Mobile is going to talk about the next generation of Mobile and Marketing.

So join us on Friday, February 28 at 11:30 for the first annual Smart in the Suburbs event.  This is a great opportunity for the technical and business community to come together to celebrate the talents of our region and think about what we can achieve together.

Friday, February 28 @11:30 am: Smart in the Suburbs

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