[Wall Street Journal] Arccos in Golf Gadgets for Getting Back in the Swing


Our friends on the 2nd floor at Arccos Golf were featured in a Wall Street Journal on the latest golf technologies titled “Golf Gadgets for Getting Back in the Swing”, here’s the excerpt:



The Arccos ($399,, which goes on sale this month, is like having your very own caddie, except it doesn’t carry clubs or polish balls. This set of 14 gumdrop-shape sensors, which stick into the top of your golf clubs like thumbtacks, keeps track of your game and suggests appropriate clubs to use. It’s similar to a competing product called Game Golf, but that model requires you to clip a vibrating beeper-like device to your pants; when I used it, I was never sure if my shots were registering or my table was ready at the Olive Garden.

Leveraging my smartphone’s GPS via Bluetooth, the Arccos app not only figured out what course I was on, it knew I was at the 18th hole, 393 yards from the green. (The app has access to maps of 17,225 golf courses in the U.S.—which the company says is all of them.) After I teed off and drove my cart to where my ball landed, the app crisply informed me I’d hit 193 yards, and that I was still 200 away from the cup. I doubt even Jack Nicklaus’s caddie was that precise and attentive.

The more you use Arccos, the more data it collects about how you perform with various clubs. After you’ve played a few rounds, all that seemingly boring information can come in handy. Instead of wondering which club I should hit with (perhaps my 6 iron would do the trick?), I could base my decision on hard numbers. If I was stuck in the rough, say, 120 yards from the green, I could look up data on which club had worked best under similar circumstances.

The downside: Arccos only works if you keep your iPhone in your pocket, since the system relies on your phone’s GPS. I left my phone in the cart at the seventh hole, and the app refused to acknowledge a Tiger Woods-worthy chip shot I’d just made. Its sensors were also too sensitive at times. When I accidentally dropped my 7 iron on the ground, Arccos registered that as a shot. Still, the Arccos unobtrusively collected helpful information about my game in real time and took care of the tedious aspects of scoring so I didn’t have to.

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