Coworking: Like Work, But More Inspiring and Fun

I work in a place that your teenager might love on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

I’m curled up on a comfy couch, typing away on a laptop, with my coffee mug and a bowl of crackers conveniently placed on the table beside me. Occasionally I get up, find myself a snack, get another coffee, shift my position. I rarely look up, absorbed in my laptop.

Eight months ago, if you’d told me this was work, I would have laughed, and added earnestly, “I wish!”

You see, I cowork. The furniture on which I rest has vintage charm. The miniature kitchen is a fount overflowing with fresh-brewed coffee, pretzels, dried fruit, cereal, and other munchies. My “office” is a glorified living room with excellent wifi, and I share it in a library-like hush it with four or more coworkers.

I treat coworking  like work because it IS work.

I’m dressed for success– wearing a black linen dress, wedge sandals, lipstick. At any given time, I am answering a dozen emails, soliciting contributions to The Innovation Roundtable (go HERE if you want to demo!), writing and/or editing copy, sifting through the Internet for open source stock photos, tweaking the website for the 140th time, and posting on various social media, hashtagging as I go. On my best days, I’m stretched out over a table, sketching design ideas. On my worst, I’m hauling tables up and down the stairs, setting up the space for an event. I’m the newly-minted Creative Director, and I’ve thrown in my lot with the Stamford Innovation Center.

I’ve written before about how amazing coworking is.

There’s something magical about working at a coworking space. When you are surrounded by other hard working people doing really cool, creative, interesting things that they love to do, you start to think to yourself “am I working on creative, interesting things that I love to do? I probably should…” and it amps up your productivity.

– Alex Hillman for Mashable

It seems to be catching on. Did you know August 4th – 10th is Coworking Week?

In honor of CW, the folks at SIC are flinging open the doors and offering you a glimpse into the alternate universe that is coworking. You are always welcome to come in, get the tour, try out a free day, and drink all the complimentary coffee you need to end up bouncing off the ceiling. We’d also like to offer you free wine, beer, and pizza with the following:

Free admission to the Innovation Roundtable, our premier networking event.

I hope to see you there!

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