[Uncubed] 7 Tips for Productive Coworking

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It wasn’t long ago that coworking didn’t exist. It was a fortunate few among the freelancer and startup set that could work anywhere but an apartment or a coffee shop.

Now, for a couple hundred bucks, a space of your own can be had, complete with coffee and the company of others. But it’s still a big, open space, rife with potential distractions – so it’s worth being a bit tactical about how you approach it.

1. Toss backup earbuds in your bag
Unfortunately, to cowork also means getting in touch with the annoying habits of humanity. Earbuds are essential, but one day you’ll forget your prized pair. And that will be the day that your neighbor will be tapping her fingers on the table for eight hours straight. Either keep the old ones that came with your phone, or pick up a pair of these Panasonics for under $15 just to leave in your bag.


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