The Uncommon Office

The Stamford innovation Center is host to an awesome variety of companies, from solopreneurs to consultants to startups to companies that are poised for growth. As you walk through and see the bustle of activity, it’s easy to miss the fact that we’re host to seven different private offices, where firms that have a team and need their own space are able to make the SIC their home.

This morning, I was talking to Peter about this, and we started listing out the amazing things that our tenants have access to, and as the list grew past ten, I thought I’d write a quick blog about the top 5 that you might not know about.

  1. Community: For a start, companies that live here are immediately part of a community. Inarguably the best single ‘perk’ a small company can offer their staff is the sense of feeling part of something.
  2. Exposure: Our community isn’t just any gallery of rogues, it comprises hundreds of co-workers, students, mentors, fellow startups. Our tenant companies regularly engage with all of these, and in the process expose their teams to new ideas, innovative approaches, and engaging conversation.
  3. Experts: First and foremost, the Stamford Innovation Center is an incubator, and our advisors are second to none. From finance to law to marketing and beyond, we’ve got a team that are a free resource of uncommon value.
  4. Programming: We run classes, hackathons, codeathons, parties and more. Without even trying, companies here can simply signup for our events and walk in.
  5. Central Location: The SIC is a short walk from the train station, and just steps from all of downtown. There is no better place to be to access the best Stamford has to offer.

Not coincidentally, we’ve got a few of these up for rent. I encourage you to come check them out, even if right now you’re not looking for space.

We’re proud of the uncommon office experience we’re able to provide, and look forward to serving you as our next tenant.

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