Tweet, Friend, and Link Your Way to Fame & Fortune

Guest post by Donna Sweidan

No doubt, you have heard all the hype around social media, and I’m sure you must be wondering, how on earth can it lead to fame and fortune, or even a better job?

I mean, Twitter, Facebook, fame and fortune all in one sentence?

Yes, they do indeed have a lot to do with each other, but fame and fortune might take a little extra work, so let’s just start with a better job, or getting your career on track. How can these tools make a difference? It’s quite simple actually, and it starts my 6 new rules for managing your career in this new economic reality.

  1.  You Are the Boss of Your Career. We live in a world where every job is temporary. Gone is era of a lifetime job and a Rolex watch. Not only can one expect to be at jobs for shorter periods, but the trend is to have multiple careers in one lifetime too, for some even simultaneously. What does this mean for you? It means that no longer can you expect any one company to take care of your professional development, your skills updates, etc. You’re in charge. You are also going to be looking for multiple jobs and careers in your lifetime, and that means you need to have the tools to do this. Social networking platforms are where you need to be. Read on further to see how they can help.
  1. Your network is your career insurance. It’s common practice that you land jobs through people you know but with competition as intense as it is, we all have to up the ante and broaden our networks. There are no better tools than LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. All three of these platforms are “social networking” tools – they are goldmines of data on people and companies around the world. Can you afford to ignore them?
  1. Your Google results are the New Resume. While your resume is still as important as ever, recruiters and hiring managers are mining sites like LinkedIn, and even Facebook- (yes, there are a lot of recruiters that share their postings on Facebook) for ideal candidates.
  1. Sharing the knowledge – the new basis for networking. Today’s online networking process is facilitated by something I call “Knowledge powered networking”. Just as you would engage and network with other professionals at conferences or in-person meetings around a particular topic, you can do it on any one of these online platforms. All three sites give you the opportunity to network with others so, what are you waiting for?
  1. Differentiate or disappear. You can’t be anonymous any longer. The saying goes that if you can’t be found on the internet, you don’t exist. Yes, visibility counts, and if you want to move your career forward, your online presence can help take you there.
  1. The job search is a self-promotion process. Many people are still holding on to the “search” in job search, and by that I’m referring to online job boards. Just like we went to the newspaper classifieds before that, these strategy alone don’t work any more in this post-recession economy. The job search cannot be just a “search”. It requires a comprehensive self-promotion process where every professional needs to understand their brand, and articulate their “value proposition”. Yes, that’s a lot of lingo, and if it sounds like you need to market yourself like a box of detergent, it’s because you do. Read the Art of self-promotion for a quick quiz on whether you are promoting yourself adequately.

Need to learn how to do this, or not convinced of why you need social media?

Come and learn how these three powerful databases are goldmines of information for advancing your career.

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