Top Minds Speak

I’ve  spent a lot of time listening to highly trained experts present concepts, strategies, capabilities and architectures.  As an English major zero formal tech training, listening to subject matter experts and then developing my own understanding and vocabulary around each new topic was part of my education in the software business.

Thanks to our sponsors at Sikorsky, we have created a unique opportunity to hear from some of the top engineering minds in the Aerospace industry in a webinar that you can watch at your leisure.  Their requirements for reliability, power and resilience are just at another level and I think you (or the engineer in your family) will find their take on uses and needs for Industrial IoT, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Propulsion and Digital Manufacturing to be eye-opening — and perhaps help you re-think what you know about these industries.

If you would like to learn more about the 7th Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge, you can click here to register:

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