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Adventure Awaits

For about a year now, the idea for a the Geeks and Nerds Summer Gala (we originally were calling it the “Nerd Ball”) has been rolling around in my head.  As the date comes closer — it is happening on Thursday, July 26 at 6pm, I want to be super clear about what we are trying to do:

1) Really enjoy our space to the fullest.  — the Innovation Center has some amazing spaces that just need to be filled, like our Atrium, our Coworking space and our Auditorium and networking space.

2) Bring our wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, dates or friends out for a fun party. Let’s introduce our significant others to the people we work with and others in the tech community.

(BTW, if for some reason you take offense to the terms Geek or Nerd, we are super sorry.  If you “get it” please join us for a blast.  We are celebrating those things that make us “geek out”  Hope you do “get it.”)

And then the team started thinking about how we make the event really big.  Make it a Gala — which means we are raising money for charity. We’ve selected the CT Veterans Legal Center and  Future5.

And then we started thinking about what a Geek and Nerd gala should have.  Here’s what we came up with:

  • Great Food
  • Great Drink
  • Great Music (we have a live band — The Parker Avenue Band, and some great local amateur DJs)
  • Costumes optional (I’m thinking: Green Lantern or Green Arrow, not sure)
  • Ping Pong
  • Awesome cool decorations
  • Games (Still not sure what these are going to be, but they will be fun).

Then we came up with a tagline that I think sums it all up:  Adventure Awaits!  I think it captures the spirit of much of what we are trying to do as we work every day to grow the startup and tech community in our region.  Adventure Awaits — we don’t know the answer. We don’t know where we are going — but we have a vision and we know that if we keep trying, we are going to get somewhere.  Exciting stuff, right?

Now here’s the thing.  If you are reading this blog, I want to invite you to enjoy the early bird pricing, which ends today 6/6.  So click here and register.  It is going to be a great time.  We can’t wait to see you and your costume!


Adventure Awaits



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