Teach Your Colleagues A Thing Or Two

Your team is really slammed, right? You’re cranking on deadlines, trying to make your numbers, getting that new product out the door. It never ends.

But business as usual isn’t always the best business. Every organization needs a reboot sometimes, often in one of these categories:

  • New perspective
  • New skills
  • A new way of thinking about a problem
  • A new way of collaborating

You know you could take a class. But it’s hard enough getting yourself to carve out time, let alone trying to organize all of your colleagues to do it with you.

The solution: let the learning come to you.

The Stamford Innovation Center’s education arm, InnovationED, will customize a program for you right in your office. Brown bag lunch? Piece of cake. Structured brainstorming? No problem. Day-long product innovation session?Shazam!

InnovationED has assembled a crack team of innovation experts—all of them delighted to spend time with you and your colleagues. Here are a few of the topics we can help you address in the comfort of your own conference room:

  • UX/UI: best practices for web & mobile
  • Effective brainstorming
  • Team-building
  • Design thinking
  • Using data to drive your business
  • Applying Lean techniques to new business development

Drop us a line at if you want to learn more.

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