Next Steps for the SIC

You may have read recently about the plans of the City of Stamford and the Old Town Hall Renovation Authority (OTHRA) to evict the Stamford Innovation Center from our current location at 175 Atlantic Street. While we have not yet received an official eviction notice as of this writing (October 18, 2016), our plan is to continue operations for as long as possible, at least through year’s end.

It has been our great pleasure to get to know and support the local startup and tech community. We’re proud of the impact that our facility and events have had in terms of creating connections and much needed assistance to a small but growing group of local entrepreneurs. And we have been happy to deliver hundreds of hours in free advisory meetings along with our partners. Here are some of the highlights of the last four plus years:

  1. Approximately 5,000 people participate annually in SIC sponsored events.
  2. Approximately 100 workers and two dozen companies are currently housed here.
  3. Over $30 million of capital has been invested in SIC startup companies.
  4. Four SIC “alumni companies” have outgrown SIC’s space capacity and taken standalone offices in Stamford. Those companies currently employ approximately 100 people.
  5. We estimate that SIC resident and alumni company workers spend approximately $800,000 annually at local businesses.
  6. The above does not include property taxes or rent paid by SIC resident or alumni companies, the heightened local, regional and national awareness of Stamford as a result of our activities or the multiplier effect of local expenditures.
  7. The successful Stamford Technology Week, Northeast Javascript Conference and STEM Hackathons position Stamford as a tech-friendly and forward-looking city.

As we pivot, we are excited by the momentum in the local tech and startup community. We are now in the process of developing plans for the future of our business and will be in touch.   In the meantime, we are open for business if you need advice, a place to work for the day or a conference room to rent.

If you are interested in reading the details of our long-running saga with the city of Stamford and OTHRA, click here.

To our partners, co-workers, sponsors and friends, we thank you all for your faith and support, both for the SIC, and your own community. It is our wish that, as we explore options for our next iteration, you all join us to continue to grow as a community.



Barry Schwimmer,

Peter Propp

and the SIC Team.

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