Startup Weekend Stamford 2016 In Review

The global Startup Weekend organization has been going strong since 2007, while 2016 is Startup Weekend Stamford‘s fifth year. Every year we get to see fascinating projects come to life and meet a whole bunch of interesting people, if you want to find out more about last year’s event you can check out our blog post. This weekend was a great experience for everyone involved and on Sunday night we got to see some really impressive projects.

We had around 50 participants and they ranged from entrepreneurs to students to developers to designers. We even had one person that came all the way from Norway! The keynote speaker this year was Sal Syed of Arccos Golf, he kicked off the evening with his thoughts on passion in entrepreneurship. He advised us to think about the questions “Does it solve a problem?” and “Is it fun?”

Next we had an ice breaker led by our facilitator for the weekend, Krishna Sampath of Apprentice 100. How does one make “Rock, Paper, Scissors” epic? By converting the loser of each round into the cheering section for the winner. After a quick minute of everyone playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors” with their neighbor, we had a final round with Carolyn vs. Fernando while everyone cheered them on.

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When people got up to pitch they were advised to explain their idea, who they need on their team, and why. Almost everyone went a little over the minute they were allotted for pitching; in school a minute long presentation feels like forever, but it’s never long enough at startup weekend! Twenty people pitched on Friday night, and teams were formed around the top nine ideas.

All weekend people were posting what they were working on, so check out the @Stamfordicenter twitter and instagram accounts, as well as the #SWstamford hashtag, for a play by play of the weekend. For a look at the photos taken this weekend, explore the gallery:

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(Photo Credit: Simon Silverleaf) Friday night setup


Startup Weekend 2016 Teams:
  • FIRST PLACE: Help Button Excel — Helping Excel users solve problems and get the most out of excel — whenever help is needed.
  • SECOND PLACE: Metwork — Improving morale and careers with an app that allows people to request meetings, coffees and lunches with fellow employees.
  • THIRD PLACE: Flash Capsule — Weatherproof module to hold a remote controlled flash for wildlife and extreme sport photography.
  • CROWD FAVORITE: The Flocking News — Interractive social news platform where you can connect with others and challenge the news.
  • Toolkitch — Crowd sourced platform for listing and borrowing appliances
  • Bright Source — Creating tech talent from the grassroots, by providing training and mentorship from earlier ages.
  • E_Nerv Tech — Pain elimination through non-invasive, radio frequency intervention.
  • My Rabbit Cart — A system for how to find good food at the best local price.
  • Biografizz — Collecting the moments of your family life together into stories you’ll treasure, online and off.

Help Button Excel, the winners of this year’s #SWstamford, will receive a six month coworking membership at the Stamford Innovation Center, a team dinner at Cotto Wine Bar with Bob Dorf (Columbia Entrepreneurship Professor, and author of “The Startup Owner’s Manual”), signed copies of “The Startup Owner’s Manual“, and company formation services from law firm Shipman & Goodwin.

The second place team, Metwork, won a three month coworking membership, 90 day complimentary access to Verse, and one on one advisory services from award winning producer Meredith Hogan of NBC News to help develop their messaging and content strategy.

The third place team, Flash Capsule, won a three month coworking membership, 90 day complimentary access to Verse, and an Architecture/Technology Plan Review by Remko de Knipper an IBM Technical Evangelist.

Every participant receives a 1 month coworking membership at the Stamford Innovation Center. To find out more about coworking at the Stamford Innovation Center, check out our Coworking FAQ, or call us at 203-226-8701.

Behind the scenes team

We are grateful to the exemplary team that gave their time and energy into making this event a success. This year’s lead organizers were Hugh Seaton of Aquinas Training, Will Haire of Checkmate Creations, and Jeremy Stewart of CarJoy. Thank you for all of your hard work! The Stamford Innovation Center team was helping before, during, and after the event so thank you to my fellow team mates Peter Propp, Valerie Jaeger, Kristofer Frey, and David Marin (your writer today is Sarah Robinson, nice to meet you). We’re grateful for all of the volunteers we got this year, your work behind the scenes made the whole weekend run smoothly. Thank you Simon Silverleaf, Kathleen Perrotta, Alan Tan, and many more! You’re awesome!

Great trio of judges

This year our judges were J. Skyler Fernandes of Simon Venture Group, Erika Smith of Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, and Jim Conley of Lean Launch Ventures. Each of our judges brought experience and insight to the table, our teams got some wonderful feedback to take away. Jim even showed up on Friday and got to watch the teams pitch their initial ideas incognito, sneaky sneaky. Thank you for spending your sunday evening with us, and we hope you enjoy the t-shirts! To find out more about what the judges were saying about each team, check out the Scorecard on ScoreMyPitch.

Top notch coaches

We had so many skilled and experienced coaches this year that it was hard to keep track of them all! Some coaches were marketing gurus, some were serial entrepreneurs, some were developers, and some were just wise beyond their years. A big thank you to Jim Gregory, Anthony Uzzo, Marty Donner, David Tomczyk, Bert Schefers, Linda Singh, Jack Foreman, Scott Fuller, Michael Simmons, John Coschigano, Peter Levensohn, Michael Kobar, Neil Rosen, Alex Virvo, and Theresa Robbins for being coaches this year and helping our participants put their best foot forward. Thank you to Jonathan Yarmis for returning to coach his fourth Startup Weekend, you can read about his insights here. All of our participants appreciated the advice and perspective that the coaches offered them and it helped them to make the best possible presentation on Sunday night.

Many Thanks to the sponsors whose contributions made this weekend possible!

Stamford Innovation Center donated both organizing assistance and the use of our venue.

Gold Level Sponsors:

Silver Level Sponsors:

Press Articles About This Year’s Startup Weekend Stamford:

Stamford Innovation Center is proud to be a continued sponsor of Startup Weekend Stamford, we love seeing how it unfolds each year.


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