Stamford Technology Week – Another First for Connecticut

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An Event Series That Establishes Our Tech Credentials

A bit more than a week ago, the Stamford Innovation Center, and our partners at UConn and the Ferguson Library, hosted an event series that was groundbreaking in its scope, and the depth of talent & content it showcased. We did this for a number of reasons, the most important of which is to counter the prevailing mood of our fair state that we just don’t have the tech chops to compete.

We do, and we showed it.

Starting with a Smart Cities Summit that brought experts from Verizon, Pitney Bowes, GE Digital, Sacred Heart University, and included a round table discussion with the Connecticut Economic Competitiveness Commission, the stage was set for a week focused not only on what technologies developers want to learn, but also how technology can make everyday life better.

Raj Kommalapaty, Verizon

Raj Kommalapaty, Verizon

We followed that with a groundbreaking professional software conference – where sought after engineers from

around the country came together to present advances and projects in JavaScript frameworks. This conference was among the first of its type in Connecticut, and certainly the first in southern Connecticut. 120+ engineers came into our region from New York, Boston, and beyond.

For perhaps the first time, we’ve created an event that was better than equivalent events in the major markets.

UConn continued their women in entrepreneurship conference under the banner of Xcite!, and once again drew a fantastic crowd, with speakers from Youtube, Synchrony, KPMG, UConn and more.

We held our third Stamford Hackathon, with some of the most amazing projects yet, focused on Smart Cities, VR and AR.

The Ferguson Library showcased their makerspace, drawing crowds young & old.

The week ended with the first multi-High School Hackathon, held a Stamford High School. Marking a new, all-year cycle of STEM events, the STEM Teams hackathon established a tradition we’re excited to see flourish in the future.

IMG_8644Across all of these events, Stamford Technology Week both celebrated and nurtured our technology talent community at all levels. That we could pull off this level of event series is testament to the incredible pool of developers, organizers and and most of all, volunteers.

To this last point I’d like to add a thank you to all of the people that showed their belief in Stamford, and through that Connecticut. Specifically, thank you Anne Cheng, Layne Rodney, Susan Kiely, Charlie Falker, Aditya Guthey, Darrell Demakes, Bonnie Verses, and others who gave of their time, talent and passion to make this first event series a success.

Here’s to next year!




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