Stamford Innovation Center Listed as One of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America”

The Stamford Innovation Center is proud to be listed on Entrepreneur Magazine‘s Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America list for 2015!

entrepreneur360-badgeWe’re listed as a “controller” company and after a rigorous analysis we are listed amongst other up and coming companies on their website.

From the Entrepreneur website: Growth can be deceiving. Too often, we gape at companies with outsized top-lines or great marketing or tons of venture-capital funding and believe these are the best in breed for companies.

But that kind of thinking is archaic with the access to data we have nowadays. Looking at growth rates absent a range of other factors is too simplistic and doesn’t reflect the reality in our marketplace. High growth doesn’t automatically equate to success. Fast companies crash. Hot companies burn out. It takes more than a single data point to figure out what makes a strong – and, more importantly, sustainable — entrepreneurial company.

That’s why we developed the Entrepreneur360™ Performance Index, the most comprehensive analysis ever attempted on private companies in America. No other list, no other analysis has been able to really understand the world of private enterprises.

The results have been profound.

Read the full article about the selection process here.

Stamford Innovation Center Certificate from Entrepreneur

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