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Smart Cities Summit, JavaScript Conference, Hackathons & STEM events all come together for a week of code, community & learning.

Stamford, Conn, July 19, 2016. With two successful Hackathons completed, Stamford Innovation Center today announces two initiatives intended to drive even more creative interactions around technology – the first Stamford Technology Week (September 14-18) and the first Northeast Hackathon series (September 16 through November 13th).  These combined events are a great opportunity for technologists, government and business leaders from across the Stamford region and the Northeast to gather, engage with fellow participants, develop deeper understanding of today’s powerful technology platforms, and discuss new ways to leverage data to improve the way today’s cities operate.

This ambitious set of activity is the brainchild of Stamford entrepreneur, Hugh Seaton, now VP of Operations at Stamford Innovation Center.  Prior to joining the SIC team, Seaton created the 2015 Stamford Hackathon, which was hosted at the SIC. A roaring success, this first event brought together nearly one hundred developers and hundreds of additional attendees to its talks and maker expo. This was also the first appearance of the Web3D “city stack” in the US, a city model that’s been adopted widely overseas and marks one of a number “firsts” Stamford has pioneered.

“For decades Stamford has been a center of corporate excellence, housing more Fortune 500 headquarters than any other city its size,” said Seaton, an experienced executive with stints at AOL, Sony, and BBDO in China.  “Hackathons bring together leaders, entrepreneurs and engineers from large and small organizations and are a great way to further accelerate the growth of our region’s increasingly vibrant tech community.

The second Stamford Hackathon focused on Smart Cities, involving companies from all over the US, and was roughly double the size of the first. The team created another first, an “IoT Corridor” between the Stamford Innovation Center and the shore, with dozens of sensors producing hundreds of datapoints for developers to work with. The system, created by Brooklyn’s, underpinned by IBM’s Bluemix, was subsequently re-installed in Brooklyn’s Borough Hall.

“The technology that Stamford has adopted is right at the cutting edge, both for IoT, and for 3D city models. We’ve been using Stamford as an example at our events worldwide to get others onboard.” Said Damon Hernandez, CEO of IdeaBuilder and board member of the Web3D consortium.

Stamford Technology Week

The success of the Stamford Hackathons gave the team at the SIC the confidence to launch Stamford Technology Week, from Sept. 14th through the 18th. A unique event series, Stamford Technology Week begins with Smart Cities Summit, featuring an industry panel on Smart cities solutions, and a panel discussion featuring the Chairmen of the Commission on Economic Competitiveness, State Rep. William Tong and Joseph McGee, and other legislators, including State Rep. Caroline Simmons, and. Remarks by elected officials and key leaders will follow on the front steps of Old Town Hall at 4pm.

“We’re pleased to host this panel discussion as part of Stamford Technology Week”, said Rep. Tong, “Events like this really speak to Connecticut’s ongoing efforts to build a competitive edge.”

On Thursday, September 15-16, senior coders and architects from around the country will convene for the first ever Northeast JavaScript conference, a world-class tech conference that will feature speakers from IBM, Priceline, Starwood and a growing list of leading companies.

And on the evening of Friday, September 16, The 3rd Stamford Hackathon will begin, running through the weekend, including the new STEM Teams Hackathon that will include all of Stamford’s public high schools. The STEM Hackathon will be hosted by Stamford High School, and is expected to be among the largest high school hackathons in the region.

“The success of the first two Hackathons has again made it clear that our community has technical talent and a passion for new ideas,” said Barry Schwimmer, founder and Managing Partner, Stamford Innovation Center. “We’re excited for Stamford Technology Week to bring together all elements of the community, celebrating our accomplishments and potential as a technology hub.”

stamford northeast hackathonNortheast Hackathon Series

The Stamford Hackathon is also being extended up the New England coast to create a new open innovation mechanism, The Northeast Hackathon, with weekend events in Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven, New London and Providence, RI. Northeast Hackathon Series events are linked through common Smart Cities challenges and datasets.  Teams from each city will be encouraged to create software, hardware and strategic solutions and work sequentially and collaboratively with teams and technology from the other cities.

The Fall series will focus on transportation, with New Haven’s Union Station as the key focal point.

How to Participate

Stamford Technology Week will be held at the Stamford Innovation Center and Stamford High School. Every event but the JavaScript Conference is free and open to the public.  There are still ample opportunities to engage with Stamford Technology Week and the Northeast Hackathon.  There is a need for volunteers, sponsors and participants.  For more information, please visit and

About the Stamford Innovation Center:

The Stamford Innovation Center supports and encourages the growth of a vibrant tech and startup economy in the Fairfield County region. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, freelancer, or programmer, the Stamford Innovation Center will help make your vision a reality with startup-focused events, classes and programming. For upcoming events for entrepreneurs, please visit our Events page.


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