Stamford Hackathon Congratulates Its Winners

shlogo-blackbackground-SquareIt’s now been a few weeks since our latest hackathon, and we’re excited at the quality of developers, their projects, and experience everyone had.

We’re proud to announce the winners of the second Stamford Hackathon as follows:


The Grand Prize was awarded to Shishir Garg, Anuj Garg, and Pradeep Yenneti for their Smart Home Assistant, a project that combined AI and IoT.

The AI track first prize went to Marc Ira, Jared Russell, Brian McHugh, Cody Hess, and Tom Harvey, for the “Aziz-bot” an AI-enabled Slackbot.

SIC’s own Matt Terenzio won the AI second prize for “Follow This”

The IoT track featured some fantastic projects, and the first prize went to Emily Serven and Caleb Dre for a room occupancy/management project, called “Is anyone here?”

We also awarded special prizes for Best Hacker, Best Sponsor Mashup, and honorable mention:

Best Hacker went to a team called MAPE, which incidentally were invited to Harman to present to their internal team, and comprised Vitali Kobzeu, Dmitri Komin, Roman Presnakov, and Aliaksandr Tsoi.

Best Sponsor Mashup went to “Keep Track”, including Joe Kim, and his team.

Honorable mention went to Mike Kobar and his social network for buildings project.

Again, congratulations to all the winners, we’re honored you spent the weekend with us, and look forward to seeing you again in September!

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