SIC Open House: The Benefits of Flexible Careers

donnaJobs are just different now, and many of us have learned that a career with multiple revenue streams can provide good income and great flexibility.

If you are ready to explore this idea further, you could do a lot worse than spend some time with Donna Sweidan, a nationally recognized career expert who helps motivate, facilitate and inspire job seekers and career changers to reach their career goals. Donna is the founder of Careerfolk and a great resource for the Stamford region.

originalThat’s why we’re excited that Donna has agreed to be the speaker at our next Stamford Innovation Center Open House, which will be held Tuesday, June 14 at 9am. Donna’s talk is titled: “Trends, Tweets, and Tools: How to create Income Security in a World without Job Security.”  The presentation will share tips on generating work and income without waiting for that elusive traditional job offer. We will discuss the key trends, the tools, and the mindset one needs to stop seeking job security and start building income security.

Of course, coworking facilities like the Stamford Innovation Center are ideal places to work as you pursue this flexible path.  If you or your friends are considering coworking as a way to:

  • Get more work done
  • Be inspired by art, architecture and a high-energy facility
  • Easy access to presenters and experts relevant to your business
  • In a place that encourages networking and the sharing of ideas…

We hope you’ll join us for this free event. You can register on Eventbrite or Meetup.

Following the breakfast, we encourage you to stay for a complementary day of coworking and two more fun activities:

Noon:  Stress Relief for Startups, featuring Shannon Daniels, Water Yourself Health
6:30pm:  The Innovation Roundtable, featuring a speaker, networking, snacks and drinks.  The topic on 6/14 is:  ‘Six Key Ingredients to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy.”

So please join us for another round of great content, coworking, and tasty pancakes on Tuesday, June 14 at 9am.  Register here: Eventbrite or Meetup.

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