[Shake] The Ultimate List of Freelance-Friendly Coworking Spaces

The folks over at Shake: Simply Legal made a list of Freelance-friendly coworking spaces, and they included Workspace Stamford! We’re the only space currently listed for the humble state of Connecticut!

Freelancers often struggle with finding a good place to work. Coworking spaces are a great option since they offer the perks of a traditional office in addition to presenting you with opportunities to network with other freelancers and potential clients.
When most people think about where the freelance economy is booming, they typically picture locations like New York, San Francisco, Austin and Portland. While freelancing is certainly thriving in these cities, the number of freelance workers is rapidly growing across the country. Freelance job site Elance recently studied independent working trends and found that the states with the fastest growing workforce of freelancers are in the South and West.
We’ve put together a reference guide of great freelance friendly coworking space options around the country…


To read the entire list, including our entry, click here! 



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