Short interviews and demos with sensor makers at IOT Evolution.

Sensors and the Internet of Things

If you have been paying any attention at all to the world of technology in the past 5 years, you’ve probably heard a growing buzz around the idea of the “Internet of Things,” also known as IOT. Last week, I had the opportunity to accompany Simon Gharibian from Sikorsky Innovations, as he made his keynote address at IOT Evolution in Las Vegas.

Simon did a great job of putting the Internet of Things into an in-flight Intra-net of Things” helicopter construct that was very well received.  But the best part of our trip was the opportunity to meet with new vendors developing sensor and other essential technology that make IOT a real idea that is already saving businesses money and uncovering new opportunities to make our lives and careers more interesting and convenient.

This video is about IOT Sensor Companies I met at IOT Evolution 2015.

David Troup from Xensr
3d Motion tracking gps — started with extreme sports, now in discussions with a variety of industries.

Brad Walters from Monnit
45+ different sensors for every need. And gateways.  Brad is passionate about sensors and has great case studies.

If you are interested in Sensor or IOT solutions and the $25k Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge, we’d like to hear from you.  

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