Reentering The Workforce / Reengineering Your Career

In the Spring of 2014, the Stamford Innovation Center (SIC) partnered with the nationally-recognized iRelaunch organization to introduce a groundbreaking twelve-week initiative connecting high achieving professional women with opportunities to re-enter the workforce.

The focus on career assessment, job search tactics and skill tune-ups empowered these women to hit the ground running after completing the twelve-week program.  In the pilot program, five women competed the program at the end of September. As of November, at least one woman has been hired into a special twelve-week returnship, (a project-based program designed to help with the on-boarding process after a career break.), and the remaining four women are interviewing for permanent positions. We’re not surprised. Our region has a wealth of talent and we feel that this program is meeting an underserved community who really want to get back to work, once they overcome a few hurdles, usually related to “modern skills” and confidence.

The SIC could not be more pleased with the results of this new initiative. We get updates from both the “returners” and the employers — and both groups are excited about the impact of this program. We are now making plans for our Spring 2015 program. Click here to sign up to the SIC newsletter for updates.

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