[Press Release Rocket] Software Developers of A100’s 6th Cohort Take Stamford’s SIC By Storm

Young programmers selected from hundreds of applications representing more than 15 area schools train to be engineers by working with startup ventures

Stamford, Conn. (PRWEB) July 21, 2015

There will be 15 more trained, experienced coders available in Stamford and Fairfield County this September, thanks to the success of the Apprentice100 software development apprenticeship program this summer at the Stamford Innovation Center. Together with local employers (like Datto and AgencyLabs), universities (like Sacred Heart and NCC) and the Innovation Center, A100 is working to grow the base of professional programming talent needed to staff the many innovative companies in Connecticut.

The A100 Program, the creation of New Haven-based Independent Software, has been an important part of the New Haven tech scene for the past two years. The program has developed and matched young developers with companies like Core Informatics, SeeClickFix, Square 9 Softworks, Acuity Brands, and the CBIA.

“There’s a real need for practical experience among our local recent computer science graduates,” said Derek Koch, CEO and founder of Independent Software. “Both large and small companies have a need for junior developers who can quickly add value on their development teams, and through A100, Apprentices develop the practical skills to do just that. A100 was developed out of our own staffing and training practices for new hires, and our desire to help the startup community in Connecticut to grow and achieve its potential.”

A100 is designed to provide programmers with real world challenges to help them develop the knowledge and discipline required to produce great software. Local companies help to develop the Apprentices in each cohort through technical talks, hosted meetups, and by reviewing and critiquing the work of the Apprentices.

“As an aspiring developer, I need to grow my skills and gain experience working in a professional environment,” said James Zygmont, an Apprentice and Norwalk Community College computer science student. “A100 fosters learning and teaches core skills that all developers should know.”

Some partner companies, like PatientWisdom and Fantasy Squared, even spend eight weeks working with the students to build software products; at the same time, they’re introduced to the vibrant startup community already in place at SIC.

“The A100 Apprenticeship Program is a great fit for PatientWisdom, with dedicated teams of apprentices who fully engage in creating prototypes we can use,” says Dr. Gregory Makoul, Founder and CEO. “We’re all learning and enhancing capabilities in the process.”

“We are delighted to host the A100 Program at the Innovation Center this summer,” said Stamford Innovation Center Managing Partner Barry Schwimmer. “We’ve known and admired Derek for years, but seeing the A100 program in action has really impressed us. The approach is thoughtful and comprehensive, and we can see the positive interaction between the A100 team, the students, and the local companies whose coding challenges are being addressed by the program. Companies based in Stamford and beyond are the real beneficiaries as they will have access to great coders who understand the value of a disciplined, team-based approach.”

About Independent Software:

Independent Software is a New Haven-based software services company that helps startups and other innovative organizations build new products and the teams that create and manage products. Through programs like Apprentice100 (A100), the company seeks out local software development talent, develops that talent through an unrivaled experiential education process, matches aspiring developers to internships or first jobs, and fosters more powerful communities focused on the practice of software craftsmanship.

Students interested in learning how the A100 program can accelerate their career in software development are encouraged to visit to apply. For more details on how to become a Partner Company in the Stamford, Hartford, or New Haven cohorts, apply via, or contact Derek Koch at

About the Stamford Innovation Center:

The Stamford Innovation Center supports and encourages the growth of a vibrant tech and startup economy in the Fairfield County region. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, freelancer, or programmer, the Stamford Innovation Center will help make your vision a reality with startup-focused events, classes and programming.


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