In Praise of the Meetup

Getting together to gab about what interests you is as old as the campfire.

We love to hear from like minded folks, and get the chance to boast a bit about what we’re doing. And if there is one thing that social media has done wonders for, it’s the resurrection of these ad hoc social get togethers.

In fact, through sites like meetup, Eventbrite and even Facebook, it is now so easy to organize small to large meetings that we’ve become accustomed to having great choices every night of the week.

Informal learning is the backbone of the meetup.

The thing about meetups is they can become not only a social event but a cool way to learn in an informal way about new things – without the commitment and expense of an actual class. And from San Francisco to NY to New Haven, we see meetups developing into exactly this – a way to discover new tech, new ideas, new creativity – without needing to dive deep.

And now they’re everywhere.

Stamford and Fairfield County have followed suit, with meetups about everything from innovation to makerspaces to poetry readings. The thing about a meetup is that it requires nothing but some friends, a good idea, and the energy to make sure there’s enough pizza.

Here at the Stamford Innovation Center, we’ve long held weekly, monthly, and ad hoc meetups.

From the weekly innovation round table (Tuesdays at 6:30pm), to the monthly Stamford Tech Meetup (first Monday of the Month at 7pm), and our CEO Roundtable.

Starting this week, and growing throughout Sept, we’re going to introduce a fuller slate of meetups for the Fairfield County entrepreneurial, tech and creative communities – we invite you to check them out:

  1. Innovation Roundtable: Every Tuesday at 6:30, Alex Virvo hosts startups and entrepreneurs presenting their newest businesses & ideas. Great for networking and keeping touch with the community.
  2. Stamford Tech Meetup: The last Monday of every month at 7pm, new tech & ideas are presented.
  3. CEO Roundtable: meeting from 9-12pm once a month, this meetup is geared towards startup founders that brings exciting new ideas from noted experts.
  4. Developers meetup: Every other Weds at 7pm (next meetup is tomorrow), this meetup brings developers in to discuss actual implementation of different languages, technology stacks and other issues important to developers, and entrepreneurs that want to understand tech at the code level.
  5. Growth hacking: Starting in Sept, I’ll host a bi-weekly morning meeting for consultants, solopreneurs, and startups that focuses on how we can leverage tried and true branding with the unending supply of technology workarounds, services and hacks that can make your marketing vastly more powerful.

In addition to these, we’re going to experiment with everything from a Saturday movie night to a design gym.

Stay tuned!

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