Ping Pong and Startups, a Match Made in Heaven

6FA82925-A375-41DA-BB08-4B77CCCCEDAFStartups and ping pong, a match made in heaven. I see ping pong tables at many startup-centric locations, and with good reason. It’s a fun game even if you’re not the savviest of players, and a good battle ground to work out some friendly office rivalries. It’s no wonder that ping pong is synonymous with startup culture, and that some companies think you can track startup growth by looking at sales of ping pong tables. Some say it’s a reflection of a creative work culture while others say it’s a cliche, but no matter how you look at it startups and ping pong go hand in hand.

The Stamford Innovation Center has always had a ping pong table, but it’s only recently that we’ve embraced this beloved symbol of startup culture and had the first ever “SIC Ping Pong Tournament.”

Over the course of several weeks, we had 4 rounds of ping pong between 16 participants. Our players ranged from masters to novices and represented many of the companies that call the SIC home. The teams from Willard Powell and U.S. Mobile sent many of their crew to come play, along with coworkers and community members.


Ahmed receiving his trophy from Kristofer Frey, our Community Manager

Congratulations to Ahmed Khattak of U.S. Mobile for winning our first SIC Ping Pong Tournament! His final opponent was Alexander Zayac of Willard Powell and it was a difficult 2/3 games. Excited to see who will challenge Ahmed for the title in our next tournament!

This summer, we’ll be hosting “Ping Pong Networking” open to members of the SIC Community on Fridays from 12PM – 2PM. Bring your lunch, hang out, and play ping pong among friends. Maybe when the next tournament comes around, you’ll be able to give Ahmed a run for his money. 


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