Take a Chance on a Night to Party with your Community

Ok, I’ll just say it.  I wish we had more people coming to our fundraiser this Thursday, June 26. Here’s why: I’m 100 percent sure that it is going to be a fun night. With well over 100 attendees already on board, I just know we are going to have a kick-ass time.  And those who have helped and will attend will know that we were all part of something cool, maybe a little odd, and certainly memorable.

And shared, interesting experiences can create bonds and bolster community.

I just wish we could have convinced more members of the CT startup and tech community that we were just having a fun party with a provocative (or maybe stupid) name.  We assumed that people would get the joke.  Or at least know we were attempting to make a joke.  And that either way, that it is probably a good idea to get off their wallets and decide to have a good time with the people who will help you create your future.  Shatner did, for cryin’ out loud!  (another joke, sorry.  William Shatner is otherwise occupied, but we will have his likeness, courtesy of the fine people at Priceline)

Anyway, if you can possibly come, just sign up and join us.  I promise it will be loud, funky, and probably a little bit unexpected.  We’re just trying to live up to the spirit of the building.  Costumes are optional.  Mine is green.

Derek Koch might jam with the band.  (and maybe me.)

And you’ll be helping two worthy causes.

See you, or not.



Stamford Innovation Center SUMMERGALA Geeks & Nerds Thursday, June 26th 175 Atlantic Street Stamford CT 06901 6:00–10:00pm

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