Mr. Blue Sky

All — the awesome spring weather today reminds me of one of the many reasons that the Stamford area is a great place to do business – our quality of life is really at a high standard. I often hear from our local techies and startup and corporate leaders who recognize that one of the reasons they like to do business in this region is that the area supports a good work/life balance with easy to access to many remarkable places to have fun.

(And, yes, I did hear ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky on the way to work.  Want to have a listen?  Video below!)

Get outside!

Today I’ll probably take a quick walk around downtown Stamford at lunch (way too many choices) and this weekend I’m looking forward to my next early AM hike on Sherwood Island State Park (a gem!). Where are you going to hang out this weekend?

Another great reason to do business here? How about the many talented people who have worked at the most amazing companies in the world and are now ready and able to help and join startups here in CT?  We meet talented people all the time at Innovation Roundtable, Startup Weekend, Stamford Hackathon and other SIC events. Want to grow your network?  Can’t figure out when to visit next? Here’s a list.

Tuesday, April 19 — Pancake Breakfast for prospective coworkers, including a talk on Strategic Alliances by Laura Powers. And stay for a day of coworking, including a session of “Stress Relief for Startups.” And stay for Innovation Roundtable

Monday, April 25Stamford Tech Meetup. Register here.  Sign up to pitch here.  The Tech Meetup is on a roll, come see what the fuss is all about.

Thursday, May 5Indie Gala – Come have a blast as we raise money for Franklin St. Works. Afterparty for ticketholders at Barrel House. Register here.

Want to volunteer to support some of these events? We’d love a little help. Our good friend Simon Silverleaf has agreed to manage a “volunteer corps.” You can register here.

And now for your video entertainment…

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  1. Frank O'Brien

    Fabulous reminder Peter, thanks.

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