The Sound is On — Moses Bros to play Indie Gala

If your volume is on right now, you are hearing the Moses Brothers, a New Canaan-based band who will be playing several sets at the Indie Gala, our 2nd annual low-ticket-price fund-raising event.  Last year, we raised $3K for two CT charities. This year we are renaming the event the Indie Gala and looking to have an even bigger impact.

The Moses Brothers are firmly in the broad music category called Americana.  You can hear many tunes that fit that category on our Sonos system almost every day in our coworking spaces and open spaces.

What’s Indie Gala mean? — we’re celebrating the independent spirit of founders, artists and others who have decided to pursue their passion.  At this event, you’ll find fun, active people from all walks of life.  Because we live here, and our world is way just beyond what’s going on in the world of startups.  So bring your work friends, your college friends, your siblings and spouses and join us!

In addition to great music, we’ll be featuring:

Rum drinks, courtesy of Mount Gay Rum. Beer from Half-Full Brewery.

All sorts of Tacos from Tacos Guadlahara

Churros and Chocolate from the inspiring Lorca.

Gift bags with fun goodies.

Artists, artisans and interesting local organizations like Ignite Stamford, Franklin Street Works, Laurel House and others.

Ping Pong, friendly people in an awesome inspiring place that’s second to none.

The fun starts at 7pm on Friday, 5/29.  Our hashtag is #charityshindig and we hope you can get into the spirit.

Purchase tickets here.

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