[Modworks] 5 Things You Should Know About a Coworking Space

Modworks Coworking in Denver put out a great article about what to look for in a coworking space, what do you look for?

If you work at a coworking space, or are interested in learning more about it, there are several things to determine when deciding whether a space is a good or bad fit for you. When it comes to getting your work done or starting a company, where you can get the most work done is very important. Here are five helpful tools to look for in a space.

Productivity: Coworking spaces exist for productivity. Otherwise, people would work from home. If a space is not a productive environment, it doesn’t matter how affordable or great the location is. Work would be nearly impossible. A good coworking space has the right layout, furniture, office equipment, and privacy levels just for you.

Flexibility: Most of the time, a coworking space exists for startups and entrepreneurs — risk takers. Sometimes relocation or termination of membership is necessary, and a great coworking space will allow you to terminate your membership on relatively short notice, without levying outrageous penalties.

Affordability: With the startups in mind, a coworking space must operate with their member’s low overhead budget in mind. Many individuals are young, so they may not have the capital to afford an expensive office space. Coworking spaces, after all, were designed to create an affordable alternative to larger office suites.

Friendly Coworkers: An interactive and collaborative environment is what makes coworking special. One of the marks of a good space are people buzzing around and using meeting space. Business minded people in the presence of others like themselves creates opportunities for new, exciting ventures.

Location: Usually people use two location factors when choosing a coworking space for themselves. Proximity to home is one. Sometimes, individuals simply want to get out of their house to be productive, but do not want to travel far or deal with heavy traffic to go to work. Others like a more central location downtown or near downtown so they can be near clients, potential clients, or local business partners.

There are many great coworking spaces in Denver. While some may have certain strengths and weaknesses that differentiate themselves with other spaces, everybody is different. One space’s weakness to one person may be a strength for someone else. Maybe, two spaces may be equally productive but one space may win over a potential member simply based on its location. Regardless, there is sure to be a coworking space anyone.

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