Memorial for Clinton Warren

clintBelow is a message from Clint Warren’s mother Gale Chizinski including the memorial details:

I know this news has already reached many of you, but for those who have not heard, it is with unfathomable sadness that Tom, Brett, Lexy and I are dealing with the loss of Clint. He has touched the lives of many of you and left an indelible mark in his 31 years that surpasses what ten of us might do in a lifetime.

We will celebrate his life on Friday, Feb. 20 at the Collins Funeral Home at 92 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT. from 5 to 8 pm.

If you can join us, we look forward to seeing you but please, just email me with your memories and thoughts about Clint if you cannot attend. We have been so comforted by hearing from others who have told us about the positive impact Clint has had on their lives. He will live on in all of us.

Gale, Tom, Brett and Lexy

If you could not be there for the memorial, Clinton’s obituary is here.


  1. Kl Ryan

    I had the honor to meet Clint at his SEO course he taught at fairfield library. We conversed back and forth after that meeting. After hearing Clint’s story he had shared with us, I knew that he was a very special person and that I had to meet with me. I had struggled with some of his issues as well. He took time out and spoke to me on the phone for hours offering ways he could help. That meant so much given his insane schedule. Clint had such a strong impact on me in that short amount of time, and I was forever grateful for that. He exuded so much power and force and engagement in his posts all the while staying real and honest. When I sent out an email blast looking for a impeccable tailor in the area for men, Clint was the first to respond.

  2. Carol Graham

    I had scheduled an interview with Clint for my radio show. The last thing he said to me in response to it taking a bit longer to get the interview set up was “No problem, I’m not going anywhere.”

    My heart grieves for you. The few conversations I had with him, I knew he would have a wonderful story to tell.

    If you or any member of his family would like to share his story on my show, please contact me. I am so very sorry for your loss of this incredible, determined young man.

    Carol (

  3. FS

    If someone would like to email Clint’s mom Mrs. Chizinski, is there an email where she can be reached to share some memories and such about Clint? That would be appreciated.

  4. K. Nemiah

    Wow. I am so saddened to learn of Clint’s death belatedly. I would love to email his family too, if anyone has an email. I was just looking up his contact info for a friend and was shocked to have his obit pop up instead. Clint- wherever you are– I hope you have found a group of people to energize and motivate like you did here on Earth. Your optimism, determination and kindness were remarkable. Peace to you, friend.

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