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Lately people have been telling us that they’re getting too many emails from us, and we’re listening.

We have turned off a few automatic alerts from Meetup, but the vast majority of Meetup email settings can only be controlled by users like you. To help rectify this, we have posted the instructions given by Meetup on how to change your email settings per Meetup Group, we hope this helps stem the tide in your inbox:

You can customize the communications settings for each of your Meetup Groups individually. To edit the communications for a Meetup Group, just click on the Meetup Group whose settings you’d like to change. Select the email notifications you’d like to receive by checking the appropriate box.

You will also find the option to turn off all email updates across your Meetup Groups on this page. To do so, click the Turn off button under the Email updates header. This will stop all email updates about your messages and replies, comments, photos you are tagged in, product news, and suggestions. We’ll still email you information about your account, security, privacy & policies, and payments.

The FAQ page on Meetup has these instructions as well:

We hope this helps! Happy reading.


  1. Mark Lohmann

    You should post the door cost to events on the site in addition to the online registration cost. To show up an an event (like tonight’s for instance) that is posted as costing $40 to find that it’s actually $50 at the door is annoying. This is not the first time this has happened to me at the center and could give the [hopefully wrong] impression of being deliberate.

    1. Sarah Robinson

      The registration link for tickets included a breakdown of CVG member tickets, online tickets, and door tickets. We will attempt to be better at communicating the different ticket costs on all event posts, but they are always in the event descriptions.

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