Marketing: Yes, It is Different Now

The world of marketing and media has changed forever.

Print is on life support, Vice and Buzzfeed are in many cases breaking stories faster than the NY Times, and the publisher of Time Magazine has declared sponsored content as equally if not more important to the plain old news-driven journalism. Facebook and the Daily Show are among the top sources for news for many of us.

Enter the age of data.

But the rise of buzz-centric content, mobile and social also has created mounds of data that marketers can use to make decisions about paid media. Similar data is available to apply towards web design, e-mail marketing and content marketing. If you pay attention to the data and continue to invest in the strategies that are measurably more effective, you can create a marketing machine that continues to improve over time.

Strategies change at the click of a button.

At the Stamford Innovation Center, we are working every day to improve our marketing machinery. The machine is way better than it was just a few months ago, and we are using every trick in the book to understand our audience and deliver content and messages in such a way that they come to our facility for classes, events and coworking. Along the way, we’ve met some great instructors who teach the skills we need and our community needs in order to be successful.

We are all in this together.

So whether you are in a corporate marketing role, a freelancer, work for an agency, or a startup, there are skills we can help you gain or expand. The Stamford Innovation Center can help you get your message out. From how to use Twitter, to effective branding, to divining the results of Google Analytics, we’ve got you covered on every level of proficiency.

Click here for the list of classes in the “Marketing” category of our Innovation Ed. Program.

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