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LocalYokelLocal Yokel Media Acquired by PubSquared

Guest Blog Post by Dick O’Hare, Founder, Local Yokel Media

Five years ago we set out on a journey to build Local Yokel Media (LYM), the digital media industry’s premier hyperlocal marketing platform.  We started the company in the barn behind my house in New Canaan, CT as we worked with a development team in Mumbai to build the initial version of our platform.  On many days, my dog, Bo would lay on the barn floor as we worked away.  The original team consisted of Elizabeth Harrington, Nicole Lyons, Carla Posthauer and Rajiv Nigam. Proof of concept for the platform and ad performance testing were our primary goals.  And, we were excited to see that our unique brand of hyperlocal digital marketing could outperform most forms of digital marketing.  In short, we knew we were on to something.  So, our journey began.

Over the years we methodically built the business.  As of the end of 2014, we worked with over 400 local publishing companies representing over 2500 web and mobile properties.  Under the leadership of Elizabeth Harrington, our publisher customer service was appreciated in the industry.  We also landed some meaningful six figure ad deals with Alaska Airlines leading the way thanks to the diligence of Carla Posthauer.  Our revenue grew well into seven digits in 2014.

Business-people-shaking-handsToward the end of last year, one of our customers (PubSquared) approached us about an acquisition.  Our ad inventory performed well for them and they liked our unique market position.  Based on the advertising technology landscape and the direction I saw the market heading, the LYM board and I decided that an acquisition made sense for us to take our brand to the next level and give our faithful publishers more resources to maximize the revenue they receive from LYM.

It has been an incredible journey starting a company from nothing but an idea.  And, it would take too long to thank all those who helped LYM along the way.  That said, the Stamford Innovation Center (SIC) was our first real home.  And, I thank Barry and Peter for hosting us here and weaving Local Yokel Media into the start-up fabric of SIC.  We are grateful for this. The team at LYM will continue on under different ownership and there is no plans to move anytime soon.  As for me, I’ve been helping the transition and plotting my next move/build in the coming months.

Good luck to all our fellow entrepreneurs at SIC.  Keep building your dream!


  1. marty isaac

    That’s terrific news! Congratulations!!

  2. Ash

    Congratulations! It’s nice to hear success stories like that.

  3. Keith Grabow

    Congrats to Dick and the team and kudos to The Stamford Innovation Center for playing an important part in this success story.

  4. Randy Savicky


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