Getting to Know: Mark Beaven from KangaTime



What does your business do?

KangaTime is an app, and what we call the 21st century’s answer to the scrapbook. It’s a repository for life and the things that matter. We provide private, cloud-based accounts that help people go beyond just taking photos and videos, tying media with memories and details to create context and tell a story.

 What inspired you?

When our children were very young, my wife and I were were drowning in an overwhelming quantity of photos we had taken, which essentially lacked context to give them any lasting meaning. We were enormously frustrated that, each day, we were forgetting important events and memories. Even after a thorough search, we could not find a repository to weave images, video, and details together in a digital format.

 When did you start KangaTime?

I came up with the initial concept in 2010. Late in 2011, I commissioned a graphic design company and started the search for a developer.

 What have been some of your best achievements?

Our initial launch website received two different design awards, but our largest accomplishment was creating both a website and an app for the iPhone that can securely save and store a multitude of media, including photos, videos, audio, life events, notes and journal entries.

 Goals for the future?

While we have a fully functioning KangaTime website and iPhone app, we view these as early versions or prototypes for what we’re looking to provide to the public. We are utilizing what we’ve learned to design and launch a more user-friendly, re-branded product, one that truly shows off important family milestones in a visually fun, rewarding, and interactive setting. The next version of our product will be better suited to target a variety of market segments.

 What brought you to the SIC?

I attended a SCORE presentation that was hosted at the Innovation Center. During the opening remarks, I heard a brief description of the co-working opportunities available. Once I took a tour of the facilities and read about the list of events and education opportunities, it was obvious the SIC was the perfect environment for my startup.

 How does working in a Coworking space affect your business?

For an early stage startup, co-working is a major improvement over either a home office or working in a typical office space. Because there are a number of other entrepreneurs at various early stages in their business, the SIC space has an energy level, a mutual interest in success, and a number of people who are happy to listen, share thoughts, ideas and assist in networking. Every day I interact with other members within the space, and my company will likely better evolve as a result.

 Who are some of the people who work with/for you?

I’ve bootstrapped KangaTime up through this stage, so I’ve chosen to outsource all design and development until now. I’m currently identifying and meeting the people whom I’d like to be initial founding members in my long-term team.

Check out the KangaTime website for more information. 



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