Getting to Know: David Montoya from Satisfi


profile picWhat does your business do?

Satisfi enables customers to communicate directly with a business in real time, while still on location, to get their immediate needs met. Our platform is available via text-back, web app, beacons, QR code, mobile app or API into your mobile solution.

When did you start your business?


What inspired you to start your business?

I was in a restaurant and was not getting the type of service I needed. I had nowhere to turn but social media. I wished that I had a better way to get my problem addressed on the spot. I wished I had Satisfi.

What have been some of your best achievements?

Red Herring Top Tech Company for 2015

DreamIt Ventures Accelerator program

Westchester County Accelerator Grand Prize

Goals for the future?

To build a world-class company that improves the lives of consumers and helps businesses deliver more value.

What brought you to the SIC?

We looked for a collaborative atmosphere in Connecticut where we could be around like-minded people who share our vision to create.

How does working in a Coworking space affect your business?

It’s a great environment to meet like-minded people who share in a creative vision. I meet amazing people at SIC and have been fortunate enough to have some SIC coworkers join our team.

Who are some of the people who work with/for you? Alex Rubeo, Don Smith, Randy Newman, Rungson Samroengraja

Check out the Satisfi website for more information. 

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