Getting to Know: Daniel Milligan from SpringLocker


What does your business do?

SpringLocker  is an online community for the outdoor industry where people can find and recommend different trips, activities, and gear. The outdoor industry still relies heavily on word-of-mouth when it comes to finding gear and activities. SpringLocker puts those word-of-mouth recommendations online by giving users a platform where they can easily post and access those reviews.

Here’s a short video on SpringLocker:


When did you start your business?

I had been toying with the SpringLocker idea for a while, and initial development started in 2013.

What inspired you to start your business?

I love being outdoors and have done a lot of different outdoor and physical activities –mountaineering on Mount Baker, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, sky diving, hang gliding, white water rafting and kayaking, rock climbing, surfing, cross country skiing, MMA… What I’ve found for just about any of these activities is that it’s tough to figure out what gear/clothing you need, or a good place to go, without talking to someone first. You wind up relying on Google searches, talking to sales people, and praying that you pick the right stuff. I decided there had to be a better way to get into outdoor sports, realized there wasn’t, and then developed SpringLocker.

What have been some of your best achievements?

It’s early in the journey, and there’s a lot of work ahead. However, I’m really thrilled with how the site has come together. Now it’s just about getting the message out.

Goals for the future?

I have two key goals for 2015 – increasing the number of activities on our site, and user adoption. Increasing the number of activities will just take a lot of leg work. My development team and I are working on a new way to increase user engagement as soon as they create an account. It should be ready by the end of the quarter, and we’re really excited about it. We think this will yield dramatic results.

What brought you to the SIC?

As anyone who has started a business will tell you, there’s a point when you realize you have to move out of your apartment, dorm, garage, or wherever in order for your idea to have a shot at success. I hit that point last year and moved to the SIC soon after.

Who are some of the people who work with/for you?

I’m currently doing this on my own, but am getting enormous help from the great development team at BlueChannel.

Check out the SpringLocker website to get more information. 

Daniel Milligan

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  1. Sue

    Have enjoyed using the SpringLocker website. It’s nice to see what others have recommended and to have different sources for making my purchase. Will keep checking back to see what’s new.

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