Why JavaScript Is Cooler Than You Think

(And why we’re hosting a whole conference on the subject!)

learn-javascriptAbout 20 years ago, a programmer working at Netscape created a software language to help make websites that include motion. HTML, it turns out, wasn’t good at this, but his new language, JavaScript, was.

Two decades later, JavaScript is still the way programmers add useful features to things, but now it’s not just websites. Over time, extensions of JavaScript have been created, everything from standard libraries to what are called “frameworks.”

Eventbrite - Northeast JavaScript Conference

The Importance of Frameworks

Laypeople sometimes think all software development is ‘coding’ – and that one developer does more or less the same thing as others. And while it’s true an experienced engineer can learn new languages and technologies, there are huge differences between what developers do.

A big part of this is what’s known as ‘abstraction’ – modern software systems have multiple layers of abstraction, from the binary that runs on the chips, to machine language, to C/C++ and higher languages like JavaScript.

Frameworks are just such an abstraction, that allows the “generic functionality” of a given software system can be changed to add features that are specific to an application. These frameworks enable JavaScript to do things way beyond the webpage.

One Language That Goes Everywhere

JavaScript cannot do everything, it is not the best at everything. However, through frameworks like Node.js, React.js, Angular.js and others, a JavaScript programmer can create backend servers, mobile apps, and dramatically better web pages – others enable better browsers, and better ways of doing lots of different jobs.

The Northeast JavaScript Conference

On Thursday, Sept. 15th, and Friday, Sept. 16th, the Stamford Innovation Center will host the first Northeast JavaScript Conference. We’ve brought together an amazing line up of engineers that write these frameworks, and others that use them at scale.

Created for professional developers, we look forward to a groundbreaking event that will usher in a series of professional-grade conferences in Stamford.

Check out more at the website Northeast JavaScript Conference, or purchase tickets directly here.









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