[The Whiteboard] It’s the Mistakes That Make Us

Our own Peter Propp, VP of Marketing here at the SIC, recently shared some words of wisdom with Whiteboard about successes and failures you may encounter when launching your startup in a guest blog post.


“As part of our committment to bringing you information and opinions about entrepreneurship and technology, this week’s Guest Post features Peter Propp, a Stamford startup leader. He’s currently serving as the Vice President of Marketing at the Stamford Innovation Center. Today, Peter shares his thoughts on the ‘fail fast’ methodology as it applies to success and failure when it comes to launching your startup.

It’s the Mistakes That Make Us

It’s the mistakes that make us. Not sure who said it, but it is true. I cringe when I think of these three stories from my career. None of them killed me, I learned from them and I want to share them so that others can avoid my mistakes.

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