Know your customer, plan your product. Build great foundations at Stamford Innovation Center.

Why Lean Startups Need Solid Foundations

Creating a foundation

At the high point of the startup dream we are strutting the stagesilicon valley image in a black turtleneck spouting great thoughts about changing the world.  How we built our great product that customers love — that’s been handled.

Actually building a great business is much more like building a house than it is to an act of glorious inspiration. In order to really have an impact, we need to be prepared to be planners and builders who make thoughtful decisions.

At the Innovation Center we’re always looking to help people create a strong foundation that will give you the agility to execute in a number of different directions.

Over the next seven days we have two excellent events that can help you develop a strong foundation for your startup, or business you help run.

Lean and Startups = Customer Development

On Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 6:30pm, Stamford’s own Bob Dorf will give a talk on the Lean startup methodology. What lean really means in the context of start ups is focusing on the needs of customers with rigor — and making sure that any startup you create is focused entirely on delivering customer value.

Make Thoughtful IT Decisions from the Start

But when it comes time to build your product, the world of IT can be bewildering.  Even with today’s lowered barriers to entry, it is easy to make decisions that will cause you great stress and expense in the future.  So next Monday, Nov 23 at 7pm,  IBM’s Remko de Knikker will join us at the Developer’s Meetup, to give a talk on how IBM’s BlueMix platform can help you implement projects on a robust IoT architecture that you can implement quickly and deploy for years to come. Remko will be able to take your questions, so bring your scaling, integration and even front-end implementation questions!

The IoT world is still in its infancy.

IoT (Internet of Things) is a very hot topic right now, but there are years of discussion on standards, security, and other topics to come as IoT reaches maturity.  In the meantime, IBM’s BlueMix and other cloud technologies are incredibly valuable building blocks that can help a start up make thoughtful decisions when it comes to developing applications that leverage technology to deliver value to their end users over the long haul.

In IBM’s words, “with BlueMix, developers can easily leverage both existing IT and new SaaS tools when they create and deploy their applications. BlueMix is built for teams that appreciate the value of using existing data, systems and processes to power everything that comes next.” And you might gain that capability for free.

IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program

Access to BlueMix is one of the benefits of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur program which also gives startups and early stage companies access to enterprise clients, business mentors, and technical experts, along with a vast portfolio of IBM technology to help you build, launch, and scale your business. — And now, members can receive up to $120K USD IBM Cloud credit.  Here’s the link, please check it out. And thanks again to our new sponsor, IBM.

Our advice: Partner

As for the Innovation Center, we’ve worked hard to develop relationships with great partners like Bob Dorf, IBM (and Sikorsky).  We know that our community has great potential to create awesome companies and eventually be recognized as a leading startup community.  Partners like these help us to accelerate that timeline.  Please join us this week to hear from Bob Dorf and IBM on ways to improve your chances in your efforts to create your great company.

Turtlenecks optional.



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