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Indie Gala 2015Celebrating Community

At the SIC, every day is about community. Whether it’s our weekly meetup, a class, speaker, pitch and tech events, or coworking, the Stamford Innovation Center is about creating communities of smart, innovative, creative people.

And twice a year, we get to go a little nuts and celebrate that community. Like a lot of organizations, we have a holiday party, and every year when the weather gets warm, we throw our Indie Gala: a celebration of creativity, personality and originality of our community. The Indie Gala is a party, a bazaar, a dance and a chance to check out some of what your community is creating.

We bring together local artisans in our “Indie Alley,” including Two Roads Brewery and Cointreau, who will keep things fluid, cookies donated by our friends at Stamford’s coolest coffee joint, Lorca. And thank you to our friends at Newman, Grubb, Knight & Frank, a real estate investment firm, for helping make the community stronger.

CGQ91emWwAEzcEnCome be weird!

It has become fashionable for certain communities to want to ‘stay weird’ – Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas and others all exhort their citizens to “keep ___ weird.” They do this because it is the weird, the unusual, the slightly offbeat that is also the original, interesting, and inspiring.

The Indie Gala was created to bring together people we know, and meet some we don’t, who want to march to their own beat, show off what they do and just have a good time. It is a night of relaxed atmosphere and suspended judgment, when you can let loose a bit and just be a little weird.

Weird and Wonderful

The Indie Gala always supports a local charity, and this year we’ve chosen Franklin Street Works, a fantastic space right near UConn’s Stamford Campus. Franklin Street Works is part art gallery, part social space, and all creative energy. We love this group for their passion and dedication to curating, showing and celebrating art in all its forms.

Join us next Thursday, May 5th!

Eventbrite - The Indie Gala: Charity Shindig 2016


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