[Huff Post] Revitalize Your Routine and Get the Most From Your Co-working Space

Huffington Post’s Small Business section ran an article recently about coworking! Check it out:

When the mobile workforce began to take shape, we started off working from home. Then, when our cats fell asleep on our keyboards one too many times, we migrated to coffee shops, until the cacophony and endless jittery meetings drove us back home.

And finally, there were co-working spaces.

Co-working spaces are a venue, a community, a culture. We hear about their features: the Wifi, the events, the coffee. We talk about how they’re useful and quiet and how we finally have a space to get things done.

We are happy, for a while.

And at some point, the newness wears off. We sit at our mobile desks at the mercy of habit, checking social media, not talking to anyone all day, and leaving at 7 p.m. only to ask ourselves:

What exactly did I get done today?

Maybe it’s because we missed the point.

35 percent of the workforce is now mobile.

And while the community you choose is important, the physical space in which it’s contained is not what this revolution in work is about — it’s about the growing number of people who are able to nurture their passions through enjoyable and sustainable work.

While free coffee has its place, we must remember that co-working is vital in supporting people who choose healthy work they love. Co-working can help people truly come alive–if we let it.

At their core, co-working spaces can be both containers and facilitators for our own self-realization.

What if we looked at co-working this way — as an empowering space for growth, exploration and evolution? What could that shift in perspective mean? Read more.

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