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The Stamford Innovation Center and You

The Stamford Innovation Center team spends every day working to grow the startup and tech community here in our region.  While most of our events and education are for everyone, we also create special networking opportunities for our coworkers and the cool startups who rent our private office spaces.

If, like us, you believe that we can grow the success of our local tech and startup community, maybe you are wondering how you can help.  There are some really easy steps you can take:

1) Show up.  Every time you come here for an event, meetup, class or a day of coworking, you add to the chances of our collective success.  This is a volume business.

2) Be helpful.  Your connections and ideas can be critical to the success of the people you meet.  The more we can help each other, the faster we will all achieve our goals.

3) Be appreciative.  If you are getting help of any sort, make sure you let the people helping you know what’s up.  A thank you e-mail takes less than a minute, but it really makes a difference.

4) Connect.  Join the SIC LinkedIn Page and our LinkedIn Group.  Discussions here amplify the reach of our community.  Your connections could be hugely helpful to other local startup and tech people — and vice versa.

5) Share this newsletter!  Think of who you know who could use our coworking facility at WorkspaceStamford or could benefit from taking an InnovationEd class.  Or any influential friends who can help us achieve our mission.  We’d love to meet them!


Start the new year off right with some great classes from InnovationEd:

Inside the Mind of the VC…is a two part class led by Skyler Fernandes, VC at Centripetal Capital Partners. Skyler is very generous with his time and holds court each month at the Tech and Venture Brown Bag at the center. And now he’s making himself available for two important classes on the world of startups and VC:

January 15th – Inside the Mind of the VC  — kick start your Investor Pitch Deck so you can wow VCs and Angels.
January 22nd – The Best Startup Financial Model — Skyler will “unwrap” the financial model so you can wow VCs and Angels with a clear and investable financial story.Mobile App Development classes at Innovation Ed are taught by Gigmasters CTO T. Michael Rogers.  In addition to the January 16 class listed below look for a multi-day iOS class in early Feb.
January 16thIntro to Mobile App Development


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