Hacking our way to Startup and Tech Relevance

Hacking our way to Startup and Tech Relevance

In a global economy that is increasingly driven by innovation and technological progress, it can be hard to keep up with everything. Advances in Internet and Mobile technology have created phenomena like the sharing economy (Uber, AirBnB) and the Internet of Things (FitBit, Arccos Golf). Yes, some of the most influential companies, like Arccos, are happening right here in Connecticut.

Making Sense of Technological Change

Change is not that bewildering when you take the time to get into it, especially if you have someone to explain it in English. That’s one of the reasons that coworking spaces have taken off, even when you’re not in a major city center: the ability to network with people who can answer questions like:

  • What exactly does a 3D printer do? Why should I care?
  • What is Virtual Reality, and what on earth is “Augmented Reality”?
  • Why should I upgrade to Windows 10, and will it work for me this time?
  • Is there any reason to sign up for Instagram?!!

For many entrepreneurs, consultants and professionals in transition, being around other smart, experienced people is critical, and coffee shops just don’t do the trick. We are fortunate that in the Stamford region we have limitless access to executives, and a tech talent pool that is outstanding. When these two segments get together at the Stamford Innovation Center or at the rapidly growing number of entrepreneurial events in our region, we can go from an insight to a concept to a business with remarkable speed.

Experiences That Create Opportunities to Learn and get Inspired.

This weekend (Sept 18-20), the largest tech event of the year will happen at the Stamford Innovation Center. The Stamford Hackathon will bring together dozens of developers, designers and tech-savvy folks to learn about Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Civic/Open data and other trending topics. We’ve built a first of its kind 3-D model of the city for everyone to use, and brought in world-class talent from San Francisco, New York, New Haven and beyond to mentor, teach and of course, hack up a project! We’ll have Oculus Rift and other VR googles, more tech than you can imagine, all here for projects and experience-based learning. Check it out & sign up here.

For those that don’t want to hack, you can still come and learn about Internet of Things, mapping data, and cybersecurity on Saturday, Sept. 19th – open to the public and free to come & go as you please – all during the Stamford Hackathon!

The Stamford Hackathon is the tentpole of a larger strategy to bring our community together. We’ve been hosting meetups like the Stamford Tech Meetup and our weekly Innovation Roundtable for years, and we will continue to leverage the powerful Meetup platform. What’s new is the bi-weekly Developer’s Meetup where we are now exploring everything from big data to javascript to civic data, VR and others. The Developer’s Meetup is where we actively dig into technology.

Introducing Education @ the Innovation Center

Big events are not the only way we are growing the capabilities of our region. We all lead busy lives, and sometimes we only have time for one class. Maybe you want to learn how Microsoft 365 has become a true step-change in office productivity – and how Windows 10 is both amazing and a technology that requires a thoughtful plan before you implement. This coming Thursday, September 17th 2015, Linda Kuppersmith will teach you all you need to know to get started with both in a class titled: Secrets of Microsoft 365: How to Get more done with Everyday Docs.

Or learn about Social Media – we’ve got LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Hootsuite classes, all coming up this Fall! Check these out, because everyone could do with more sales, more leads, and more business. Social media have proven the most effective and cost-efficient channel for almost every business to achieve its goals.

Or learn about programming – Mike Rogers is teaching a “Beginners Programming” course starting Oct. 8th. Finally learn what all the fuss is about, and get deep enough to understand how programming works, how to better deal with programmers, and see if you’d like to go further! The class is called Beginner’s Programming {Programming for nonProgrammers} and takes place on October 8.

For you budding non-technical entrepreneurs out there, we’re offering an amazing course that takes you from lean startup to building your own MVP, in class with a seasoned pro to guide you every step of the way. I have done just this, gone from zero lines of code to building my own apps, and can definitely say there is no better use of time for a software entrepreneur. The class is called: Lean Product Development {Create Your MVP} and takes place on October 14. 

And there’s more, and more

The Stamford Innovation Center has been a center of networking, innovation and learning for years, this fall we’ve kicked it up a notch, because we believe in you. We believe in this region and the talent, passion and desire to learn our co-workers, students and visitors have all shown us.

So come, check out what’s going on. The Stamford Hackathon has open-to-the-public sessions Friday 9/18 from noon onward, Saturday from 11-5pm, and Sunday from 2pm to 7pm. Our class listings will get updated regularly as we add more and more options. Let us know if you have classes you would like us to addthe talent is here!




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