This Is Not About Google Analytics

Guest post by Eric Fettman, author of  The Google Analytics Universal Guide

At the recent Stamford Innovation Center open house, I announced that the “Google Analytics Clinic” class is not about Google Analytics, but I was of course speaking facetiously.

I want everyone to use Google Analytics as a tool for the ultimate objectives of insight, action, and optimization.

I have seen first-hand the substantial, bottom-line benefits that you can drive through a commitment to analytics and a focus on optimization, all without any additional marketing spend.  At the same time, I see that the vast majority of Google Analytics implementations leave holes in the data.

Most analysts haven’t learned the specialized skills they need to derive optimal meaning from reports.

Seeing these gaps, I developed a website which has earned recognition as a leading resource for Google Analytics training.  During the past year, I have had the wonderful opportunity of working directly with training participants in the United States and abroad.

I have been very gratified to see the real-world improvements generated with the skills learned in my classroom.

Our upcoming Google Analytics class at the Stamford Innovation Center will be similarly focused on specialized yet highly practical skills for measurable impacts.  The intensive, hands-on curriculum is designed to provide participants with the baseline competencies that to truly understand how their digital properties are consumed so they can create better end-user experiences and drive greater value for their organizations.

Hope to see you in Wednesday. Register for the class here.

About Eric Fettman:

Eric Fettman is Analytics Trainer and Coach at E-Nor and author of The Google Analytics Universal Guide: Best Practices for Implementation and Reporting and several other analytics-focused guides. Eric developed a community learning site that has earned recognition as a leading resource for Google Analytics Individual Qualification preparation, and practical Google Analytics skills training. Eric’s “Google Analytics Tip of the Day” was listed by Online Metrics as one of the top Google Analytics blogs of 2014. As an educator and a lifelong learner, Eric most enjoys working with others to strive, grow, and excel in all their digital marketing endeavors.


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