Foundations of Computer Programming

reqkeyWant to code, without going to college?

Designed for the beginner with little or no experience, this class covers basic coding, application design, website programming, and game creation. Our hands-on instructors will walk you through application development, and help you build the necessary vocabulary to share your thoughts and ideas with your teammates and other professionals.

Each student will be able to practice coding projects on their private “sandbox” in the cloud, with real time feedback from instructors. In the class, students will: design functional websites with multiple pages and applications, understand and apply the principles of object-oriented programming (the most common type), and learn the foundations of programming in languages including Java, HTML, CSS, Basic, DOS, Basic Linux and basic JavaScript.

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About the Instructor:

Alan Tan has been writing software since age 9, when he started his own company and began playing around with Visual Basic. Now in his 20’s, Alan has left a role in IT at Northeast Utilities and is now leveraging his IT and business skills to operate a variety of programs for TANHC, which is best known for their RevUp Program. Alan is proficient in a wide variety of important programming languages, including but not limited to: Java, C (and variants), Perl, PHP, SQL (and variants), HTML, and JavaScript. Working independently, he built security projects utilizing advanced features of Kerberos and Active Directory, and created his own variant of the Private Cloud (in 2006) which still runs today.

Alan teaches programming to participants of his RevUp program, and perfected his process at Clouderator, one of his “teaching companies”. Alan enjoys sharing his hands-on knowledge of programming with novice and experienced programmers, and is delighted to be part of the growing team of teacher/practitioners leading classes at the Stamford Innovation Center.

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