[Fortune] Golf start-up scores a birdie by getting its sensors into Apple stores

We just keep hearing more and more good news about our friends at Arccos! Fortune has a new article about Arccos’ debut in the Apple store!

For tech startups, selling in Apple retail stores is something of a dream come true. Here’s one fledgling golf company’s story.

Sal Syed, the CEO and co-founder Arccos Golf, a company that’s trying to give golf a 21st century tech boost, says getting a product into Apple retail stores is any startup’s dream.

After less than two years, Syed and his team of engineers have achieved that feat. His technology for golf clubs was introduced in U.S. Apple stores Wednesday.

Arccos Golf sells nearly weightless sensors for golf clubs that use GPS to track data like distance hit, club averages, driving accuracy and putts in real-time. Golfers can view data about their game through a mobile app as they’re playing or on a desktop computer after their 18 holes are up.

Read the full article here.

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