Sarah Waddell Says “Farewell SIC, It’s Been Nice Knowing You!”

Sarah Waddell at #BuzzwordHoliday PartyI started working at the Stamford Innovation Center in early August 2014.

I had just moved here from East Tennessee to attend graduate school at Sacred Heart University (studying film and television production) and didn’t really know anyone. I wasn’t even sure if it had been a good idea to move off on my own — or if I had just made a terrible mistake. It was a complete turning point in my life where everything was new and exciting and I had to learn to make it on my own. But I soon found out that I wasn’t really on my own. I had found a community of people here at the SIC who were genuinely interested in what I was doing — and more importantly, how I was doing. I began to look forward to morning conversations with coworkers while I brewed the coffee and restocked the snacks.

sarah waddell

Gradually, I made friends and got to take on bigger projects here and always knew that there were people I could ask for advice. I stayed extra hours to go to classes and hung out at Innovation Roundtable, talked to as many people as I could in the building, and tried to learn about all of the different businesses that work at the Innovation Center. I made a conscious effort to get as much from this job and this community as possible and have not been disappointed.  Not only have I become an excellent morning coffee brewer and snack re-stocker, but I’ve also had a hand in planning two holiday parties and a gala fund-raiser (that’s the Indie Gala, which I named, btw).

I’ve written blogs and produced video content, I’ve learned about everything from SEO to IoT, and I’ve helped to redesign the website and the coworking lounge.  I’ve been able to do a lot of great work here right along with a wonderful group of people. And because of that, I now feel confident in taking the next step in my career — knowing that I can do whatever needs to be done and that no matter what I do or where I go in the world, I will always have a community of incredible people at the SIC rooting for me. Thank you.

The SIC team

The Stamford Innovation Center Team, from Left: Barry Schwimmer, Peter Propp, Sarah Robinson, Sarah Waddell, Val Jaeger, Kris Frey, David Marin, Hugh Seaton.


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  1. Srikanth Palla

    Val – All the best in whatever you intend to do next.

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