[Fairfield County Business Journal] Column: SIC Proves a Perfect Home for CareBooker

December 29th 2014


Jenna Fernandes is one of the passionate and impressive startup leaders who make the Stamford Innovation Center at 175 Atlantic St. their headquarters. Her business, CareBooker, provides a platform to help people take care of their commitments by engaging trained and reviewed service providers.

What does your business do?

“Online booking and payment services for care services such as child care, pet care, tutoring services, housekeeping, personal fitness and senior care.”

Where and why did you start your business?

“When I was working as a consultant in New York City, I noticed people were having problems finding care for their pets when they were gone, so I started Pet it Forward. The business helped people find the right care that they needed for their pets. From there, we were able to make booking care services for other things, like child care, easier.”

Read the full article here.

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