[Fairfield County Business Journal] Business Continuity Planning Forum is May 19th

By Bill Fallon

Fairfield County-based companies U.S. Computer Connection and Datto, plus the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, the Fairfield County Medical Group and the Stamford Innovation Center, are presenting the Business Continuity Planning 2015 Forum on May 19, 7:30 a.m., at the Stamford Innovation Center in the Old Town Hall building on Atlantic Street.

A panel will address the anatomy of continuity planning for small- to middle-market businesses, in what an event advance termed “the wake of some of the largest quantifiable cyber breaches in history.”

“Business continuity planning has never been more critical for an organization’s readiness, preparedness and crisis management,” U.S. Computer Connection said in a statement accompanying the event’s announcement. “Being offline impacts operations, the customer experience and ultimately your bottom line.”

Attendees will hear of leveraging cutting-edge approaches toward business continuity. In addition, attendees will learn from civic leaders about local, state and federal resources available to businesses.

“As technology advisers for local organizations – we work with businesses, state and local agencies to ensure the right resources are available to businesses when disaster strikes,” said Garry Feldman, president of U.S. Computer Connection, in a statement. “Anticipation of needs and keeping businesses poised for continuity has never been more critical.”

Austin McChord, Datto founder and CEO, said, “U.S. Computer Connection is hosting the BCP 2015 Forum to explore and guide companies to the right backup and business continuity solutions for their systems and Datto is thrilled to be a part of this special event.”

Ted Jankowski, Stamford’s director of health, safety and welfare, said, “A partnership between the private and public sector in business continuity planning creates a bond between government and area businesses. Ensuring business continuity and the ability to recover in the unfortunate event of an emergency or disaster is imperative because of the impact it can have on business as well as on the lives of Stamford residents.”

State Rep. Caroline Simmons, D-Stamford, said, “Ensuring that state infrastructure, businesses and the public are prepared for – and protected against – cyberattacks is vital to our economy and our security. I look forward to hearing local businesses and leaders share their ideas on continuity.”

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